It’s fascinating how God delicately and decisively weaves His story through each of our lives. If you don’t know us yet, we’ll give you a brief version of our story leading up to today:

Wilson, born and raised in Haiti, was hired by a non-profit organization, Children of the Promise (COTP), to maintain vehicles and buildings. His work was never just about the projects he took on or the paycheck; Wilson always said everything he was doing was “for the kids.”

I (Sheila) was born and raised in California and moved to Haiti to be the nurse for 60+ infants and children at COTP, where I would stay for two years.  The job was extremely challenging but also immensely rewarding and caused a great deal of growth in me.

Each heeding the call to serve those precious children in very different ways, Wilson and I fell in love while dreaming of how God would use us together in even bigger ways.

We married in August 2013, and were separated for a time until Wilson was granted a green card and we could live together in the U.S. beginning in December 2014. We had a busy and exciting year there, full of family, friends, road trips, and countless new experiences and loved every minute of it. Okay, most of the minutes. Our lives are far from perfect 🙂


Though we both enjoyed our life back in the U.S., we both felt strongly called by God to live in Haiti. In particular, we felt led to be house parents in the Promise House at Children of the Promise, a house dedicated to kids with special needs.  For two years now, we have cared for 8 really incredible kids who happen to have profound special needs.  We have been able to make many positive changes in the house and in their lives since we moved in but it gradually became more and more clear that even though this was vastly better than the more institution-like “baby house” they used to live in, we were still not quite hitting the mark of truly being a healthy Christian family.  We are dependent on 24-hour caregivers and having 8 kids requiring this level of care and attention just doesn’t allow us to give each of them all that they really need.


The Promise House

After a lot of prayer and discussion and consulting with people we trust, we have decided to move out on our own in Haiti.  We are working with IBESR (Haitian social services) and Bethany Christian Services to become independently approved foster care providers so that we can take 3 of the kids with us as we go.  We believe that this will allow us to fully realize the goal of being a healthy Christian family for those 3 kids.  It was a difficult decision knowing that we’d have to leave the others, but we trust that God has led us to this decision and that he has plans for each and every one of the kids in the Promise House.  Our move will hopefully also be the kickoff for other domestic placements here in northern Haiti.

We have purchased land in Galman, Haiti, which is about 30 minutes from where we are now.  Wilson and his brother, Peter, have been working on the land with 20-30 men in Galman for the last 2 months or so.  They have nearly finished the perimeter wall and the foundation of the house and the well has been drilled.  We hope to finish the construction of the house and complete the foster care process by early fall.  Stay tuned for ways you can be involved in this exciting new chapter for our family!


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