Teacher Needed Urgently

30 Jan
Teacher Needed Urgently

The mission of Children of the Promise is to provide excellent physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and economic care for at-risk children and families in Haiti, empowering the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.  Vulnerable and disadvantaged are certainly two ways to describe the kids we care for in the Promise House (though we do not believe these words define them!). Slowly but surely, we are seeing change here in the Promise House, as we strive to provide excellent care for our kids.  There has been positive change in their physical, spiritual, emotional, and economic care.  However, after almost a year here, the one area that we have not yet been able to affect change is in education.  We are so thankful for the two house parents who have been able to do a few hours of school each week for our kids, but it pulls them from the kids they are caring for and they simply don’t have enough hours to give.  They do a wonderful job with our kids but their expertise is not in special education.  So, in order to allow them to refocus on their own homes and to better meet the educational needs of our kids, COTP has opened a full-time position for a special education teacher here in Haiti.

I am extremely excited and hopeful about this opportunity.  As house parents, our goal within the greater mission of COTP is: We will create a stable, Christ-centered home, where each child is loved, encouraged, and supported as we help them reach their full potential.  We believe that providing high-quality education is an important component of helping our kids reach their full potential.  Providing age-appropriate education empowers our kids, giving them respect and dignity.  So many times I have wished I had the qualifications to provide our kids with more education, but God has made it clear.  My role in their life is to be mom.  Mom for now.  Mom indefinitely.  But it takes a village, right?  And while mom and dad are always important, right now my kids (and a few others here at COTP) need a teacher.  Someone who believes in them, believes in what they can be.  Someone with the knowledge and skills to draw out of them what some doubt is even there.  Someone with patience and resolve.   Someone called to empower the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.  Someone who is not afraid of humidity and a few pesky spiders.  Is something stirring in you?  Or is the face and heart of someone you know coming to mind?

I trust that God will provide.  I trust His will and His timing.  I want things to happen now (or yesterday!), but I choose to trust.

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Posted by on January 30, 2017 in Life in Haiti, Prayer, The Kiddos


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