The Final Countdown

01 Feb

It always seemed so far in the future, but we are down to our last week in the states!  We fly out of LAX Sunday night, February 7 and will arrive at Children of the Promise in Haiti on February 8.  You’d think we have very little to pack after sending everything on the bus (which is finally en route and will arrive in Cap Haitien on Monday!!), but it’s amazing how many things you think of at the last minute.  It’s also amazing how many tools Wilson has to bring along!  But I know they will be put to good use in our house, so it will be worth the extra luggage!  We will move directly into the Promise House with our kiddos (read this if you have no idea what I’m talking about), but our first week will be spent settling in and observing how things are going.  Tori has been living in the house and managing things (though she has many other jobs!) so she will be around for the week to help the kids and nannies make the transition.  Thanks, Tori 🙂

“How are you feeling about everything?” is a question often asked of me and Wilson lately.  Though I love my family immensely and know I will miss a lot of things here in the U.S., I really feel like we are going home.  Well, Wilson really IS going home!  But I think we would both agree that even though we are nervous about certain things and feel less than adequate to take on what lies ahead of us, we still feel 100% sure that this is exactly what God has called us to and are just so ready to get to Haiti and hold our kids.  We miss them!

For the Promise House to be successful, it needs to be funded.  Not my favorite part of the job, but that’s the reality.  $6500 a month seems like a lot until you think about supporting a household that includes Wilson and I, 8 kids with significant medical and therapy needs, and 4 nannies each day.  We know that God will provide, but most of that provision is likely going to come in the form of generous support from people like you.

Because I like nice round numbers, we are asking for :

50 people who each give $35 a month.  This is the child sponsorship program.

25 people who each give $50 a month.

15 people who each give $100 a month.

10 people who each give $200 a month.  One full-time nanny earns about $200 a month.

(If we get more donors in a particular category, we will adjust accordingly)

That’s 100 people giving a total of $6500 each month to make the Promise House possible.  To create a place where children considered weaker or less honorable by society are treated with special honor.  Where they are loved, encouraged, and supported to reach their full God-given potential.  We already have several monthly donors, and these numbers are the Total we need, not in addition to what is already being given.  If you go to this page, where I’ll keep the numbers updated with everything that has been processed (there is a bit of a lag on credit card reports, so you will not see an immediate change in the numbers unless you tell me directly how much you’re giving!).

Want to give less?  Or more?  No problem.  Want to give once, but not every month?  Also great.  The easiest way to give online is to go to and put “Wilson & Sheila Chery” in the designation note.

We are looking forward to serving with you!

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