08 Dec

When I think about the time a person spends on this earth, compared to the vast span of time and space, we are but a tiny speck.  Our days on earth are like blades of grass, or a wildflower that blooms and dies (Psalm 103).  Think of a giant field or prairie, I’m picturing the drive through Nebraska right now, and how small just one blade of grass or wildflower is.  When we realize how tiny we really are in this world, it’s easy to start thinking that we are also insignificant.  Yet our great big mighty God is acutely aware of each one of us.   Both Matthew and Luke remind us of this; “What is the price of five sparrows—two copper coins?  Yet God does not forget a single one of them.  And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.  So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.”  The story is big, and the story is God’s, but He has given us each a significant role to play in His story.  No role is better or more important, more honorable or noble than another, but God has given each of us a role in His story that He has already suited us perfectly for.  It doesn’t do any good to try to take on someone else’s role, for whatever reason, though Lord knows I’ve tried that before.  But if we listen for His direction, if we step forward when we feel His gentle (or perhaps not so gentle) nudging, we will find joy and pride in carrying out our small but significant part of His story, and we will see Him accomplish more than we could ever ask or imagine.

We’ve shared with you some of our small part in His story, and are so appreciative of all the people whose stories have intersected with ours.  I think God really loves to see His people working together, encouraging one another, sharing our burdens and sharing our joys.  Just in the story of our bus, so many people have been involved and though some of them thing their part in this story is small, each part is truly significant.  From those who helped paint the bus to so mny people who donated items or money to fill the bus with things we need for the Promise House, to our friend Andy Herrera, who didn’t hesitate to take on the task of driving the bus with Wilson to Florida to be shipped.  I asked him about the trip, and I want to share his response with you:

As I think back on the trip, I’m thankful for King’s Church, particularly my community group for the trust and confidence they have in me.  I had the opportunity of a lifetime, to go from Santa Monica, CA to Fort Lauderdale, FL on the Haiti Bound Bus.  The Haiti bus is to help my friends Wilson and Sheila in Haiti.  They are following their mission calling and that is to care for 8 special needs kids.  So when they asked me if I could help them drive the bus to Florida, I could not say no!  To be a part of what they are called to do, what I did was nothing more than a small fraction.  I pray that the Lord would give them the strength every day and that He would watch over them in Haiti.  So for the last time here in the United States… #HaitiBoundBus


 What I want to say to Andy is, though you think your part is small, it is certainly not insignificant.  We are following our mission calling, just as you are, and we are grateful God led those callings to intersect.

Our story has also intersected with that of the students at Valley Christian Middle School.  We were able to share about our special kids in Haiti and how they fit into God’s big story at their chapel a few weeks ago.  We also talked about the bus and how it will benefit our kids and ministry and that it would cost $3500 to ship it to Haiti.  Alone, each contribution is small, but together, we can see God do big things and these kids didn’t hesitate to jump into their part of a bigger story.  In a week, they collected just shy of $3000!  This already surpassed our expectations, though I don’t know why we limit God with our expectations.  Then the students asked if the money raised at the 8th grade play’s bake sale could also go toward the bus…another $900!  It may have been tempting to think “I’m just a student, I don’t even have a job, what I can bring won’t make a difference” but let me remind you, God has given you a part in His story that is Significant and He has created you, equipped you, for that purpose.  People sometimes tell Wilson and I that they could never do what we are doing, that we are such good people, that there is a special place for us in Heaven…I’m never quite sure what to say except that we are just following God’s lead in our small part of His story.  Is your heart open to what God might be calling you to do?


(we are all called to different things…if you feel led to join our story through financial support, you can give at this link)

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