30 for 30

19 Oct

Priorities change over time.  Our values evolve and our focus shifts with each obstacle we encounter, each blessing we receive, each milestone we reach, each new path we choose.  Birthdays are the one day each year that everyone’s attention, if only for the minute it takes to post on Facebook, is turned toward you.  In that day, in that moment, what reflection of your life will others see?  Certainly, this changes over time.  I’m assuming your 5th birthday, your 15th birthday, and your 50th birthday all look decidedly different, reflecting your priorities and values at that time in your life.  So on this, my 30th birthday, when you take a moment to read my blog or think of me as you send warm birthday wishes, what reflection do you see?

Sheila and Wilson

This is what I hope you see:

My life is an irrepressible outpouring of gratitude for the blessed assurance I have of Christ’s redeeming love for me.  He chose me, weak, broken, and undeserving me, to receive his amazing gift of grace.  That is why we have chosen those considered weak and broken to pour our love into.  We have chosen to care for these children with special needs not because we are “good people” but because God chose us and loves us even though we are not good people.  The only natural response is to spend our lives loving others as He has first loved us.

So on this, my 30th birthday, I invite you to celebrate with me.  I had this crazy idea that for my 30th birthday, we could find 30 people to commit to giving $30 each month to support the ongoing costs of having a home for 7 children with special needs.  If you can give less or more, or would prefer to give a one-time donation, every bit of support truly does help.  For everyone who has told me “I could never do what you’re doing,” this is one way that you can.  I know it’s crazy, and maybe even unlikely, but is it possible?  Are there 30 people out there who want to be an ongoing part of what God is doing through us in Haiti?

To give, visit our website

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