Blossoming women and Beautiful babies

25 Apr

Last week I found myself with a day off work and had no idea what to do.  I know I worked only part-time before moving to Haiti because there was just too much life to live, and suddenly I found myself struggling to remember what it was I actually did with my time.  So I asked my sister: What do I do?  Do I have hobbies?  How did I used to spend my time?  The first thing that came to our minds was the Life Group of high school girls I led from the time I graduated from college until shortly before I moved to Haiti.  Those girls, those women, are now finishing their own college careers.  Thinking back on our time together (and there was lots of it!) I can’t help but smile, like big-stupid-grin smile.  Our group was defined primarily by love and laughter and there’s very little I wouldn’t give right now to have another day with all of us together.  Another sleepover, another game of twister or blackout, another heart to heart about life, our struggles, our victories.  I don’t remember what we were doing in half of these photos, but I remember how we felt while we were doing it.  Similar to how I felt when I was tackled to the ground by a mob of beautiful Haitian children who were so silly and so perfect.  My life is missing that right now.  Missing that sheer joy, feeling truly blessed to be a blessing, having something to look forward to each day, each week.  So I’m praying and seeking, because what is life without those things, those connections, without blossoming young women and beautiful Haitian babies?  You’ve seen pictures of my Haitian babies so here are my blossoming women: a tribute of sorts.

Girls, if you remember what is going on in any of these pics (I’ve left out the even more ridiculous ones!), tell us about it! Or any other great lifegroup memories you have 🙂

ashley graduation beach jump flying fish hillary hug hillary shelves houseboats 2009 kelsey graduation kelsey rafting trip llama megan formal myriah rafting trip old ladies rafting trip group pic sam graduation tubing

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