Sunday’s a comin’

18 Apr

There’s another question I hear often.  When is Wilson coming?

I’ve decided to spare you the theatrics and just say it: we got good news!  I received an e-mail from the embassy yesterday letting us know that Wilson’s visa petition has been approved.  I was at work, my afternoon 10-minute break, when I read the e-mail and I immediately started crying.  Nearly sobbing actually.  The patients in the rooms next to the break room were probably a little concerned.  But I was just so happy, so relieved.  I miss Wilson immensely, a continuous ache.  I’m so grateful for our one week together each month but the weeks apart, the travel, the uncertainty, it was all starting to wear me down.

So what does this mean?  I wish we knew exactly when the process would be completely finished but all we really know is that the initial review, the longest step in the process, is now over.  Up next are Wilson’s medical exam, fingerprinting, any additional documentation they need, and the interview.  How long will all that take?  Any guess would be just that, a guess.  Maybe 2 months?  3?  We don’t really know.  What I do know is that our hope was renewed just when we needed it most.  Just when discouragement was finding a foothold, when doubt was creeping in and causing me to question everything.  That’s what this weekend is about, you know.  Today is Good Friday, a day when the world lost hope, when the man who was supposed to be the savior of the world died a criminal’s death.  The day literally turned black as night.  The spirits of the hopeful were discouraged, disappointed, crushed.  Maybe Jesus wasn’t who he said he was after all.

But God doesn’t abandon us there in the dark.  No matter how deep our despair, no matter how discouraged or abandoned we feel, no matter how dark the Friday, Sunday’s a comin’.  Now that’s good news.  That’s real hope.

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One response to “Sunday’s a comin’

  1. Ruthanne

    April 18, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    YES!!!! I am SO glad to hear this news!! I KNOW this amazing feeling. The long awaited email. The bursting into uncontrollable tears. It is a GREAT feeling!!! So glad you and Wilson will be united soon!!!


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