Sometimes two is better than two

09 Apr

When Wilson and I were married last August, we wanted our wedding to be about two things.  First, we were professing our commitment of lifelong love before God and before our families.  That’s generally the idea, right?  But equally important was the idea that along with the expression of our vows, we were being commissioned for the work God had set out for us, as a couple, to do.  I strongly believe that our potential in tandem is far greater than our sum as individuals.  Two together can accomplish greater things than two alone.  This doesn’t necessarily apply only to marriage, mind you, as any two Christians in ministry together will accomplish greater things than they would alone.  Anyway, we don’t yet know exactly what or where God is calling us, but we know that we will serve Him together.  Certainly we were both working for the Lord at COTP and now we look expectantly toward what will come next.

For now, we have been given the opportunity to participate in a research project together that some of you may have heard about already.  We are partnering with a nutrition professor from my parents’ church to conduct interviews in two villages not far from where we live in Lagossette.  I totally geeked out last month when we got our official approval from the Institutional Review Board at California State University of Long Beach.  The idea is that we don’t want to help in Haiti in the ways we think they need it, but in the ways Haitians themselves see their need.  We also wanted to find and recognize the things that are already being done well, the strengths of the Haitian people.  So we recruited a young man from the first village to be a sort of ambassador to the people on our behalf.  He introduced us at each home and helped to weigh and measure each child at the end of the interviews.  As the interviews went on and he offered more input and suggestions, it became clear that this young man was learning from the process and had such incredible leadership potential.  He was excited to be a part of something that could potentially help his community and came back each day to find us.  Near the end of the final day, he asked if he could help us again when I came back in May.  Of course!  Pray with me that we continue to build this relationship, that he realizes the power he has in Christ to affect positive change in his world, and that we are able to recognize and provide any support and encouragement he may need.  Data collection is still in process but we look forward to sharing the results with you once the project is complete.  Hopefully my brain is not complete mush after that many hours of Kreyol.  I’m certainly getting lots of practice!

It’s good to still be connecting with people in Haiti.  It’s good to be able to help in some small way even though I’m living back in the states for the time being.  People ask me rather frequently when and if Wilson and I will be moving back to Haiti.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.  But wherever we live I hope we are loving our neighbors and whatever we do I hope we are bringing glory to God.

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