I don’t know how

04 Apr

Having just returned from my third visit to Haiti this year, I am becoming very familiar with Spirit Airlines.  I know, I know, but their tickets to Haiti really are the cheapest!  The flights are the same every time.  An overnight flight from LA to Fort Lauderdale, 20 minutes in the airport before flying to Port Au Prince where I take a taxi to the “little airport” which is ironically still on the same runway, then wait about 3 hours before a 20 minute flight to Cap Haitian where I meet my handsome husband.  This time I almost scanned right past him because I hardly recognized his (relatively) long hair!

image (1)

I figured that throughout our marriage, just as Wilson teaches me new things, I would also pass along my own knowledge and experience: perhaps how to merge onto a freeway or how to send something in the mail.  What I was not expecting was my Haitian husband needing my guidance on hair care.  Products, washing, cutting, styling…Babe, wait.  Look at my hair.  You’ve all seen it, right?!  Why would I know anything at all about how to care for yours?  Frankly, I’ve even forgotten how to do my own hair during the last 2 years of wet ponytails.  Thankfully some friends had helped out with products to bring along – thanks Ruthanne and Ajay!  So the rest we Googled, which turned out to be minimally helpful.  Wash is every other day, wash it once a week, use oil, use cream, do everything you would never do for really fine blonde hair.  How he has lived with the same head of hair for 26 years and our knowledge on the subject is all but equal I will never know.  I was also struggling with coming up with a process when I didn’t know what we were really aiming for.  So after browsing Google images together, this is Wilson’s chosen target.  Well, not the mustache.  Please, not the mustache!  And this is probably not his exact hair type, so we’ll just have to see.

image (2)

If you have any advice, any at all, we welcome it here.  Seriously.  Right down there in the comments box.

As for the rest of my trip, I’ll share more soon, but I need to get some sleep before work tomorrow, another topic I’ll cover shortly.

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Posted by on April 4, 2014 in Life in Haiti, Sheila, Travel, Wilson


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