February 2014 Haiti Trip Update

13 Feb

After finding out my start date at Long Beach Memorial was February 10, I really wanted to visit Wilson in Haiti again before work began and I needed to accrue PTO.  I thought I’d share some highlights of this most recent visit:

On my layover in Port Au Prince, they showed me into Sunrise Airlines special waiting room.  If you’ve ever been in one of Haiti’s regional airports, you know how nice this is!  Free coffee, water, a fan, an outlet, and a deceivingly uncomfortable couch.


I read through some of the magazines they had which were all quite dated and ran across this cartoon that I thought was pretty hilarious:


On the right you see a typical tap-tap, and the load it’s carrying is actually not far from reality.  The policeman has stopped the driver on the left and says, “Give me your license! You’re not wearing your seatbelt!”  Silly Haiti 🙂

Wilson and I got to join his brother, Toto, and Toto’s special friend for a double date at the same restaurant as our wedding reception.  We’ve been married almost 6 months now!

W + S

Before dinner, we had the chance to stop by Fifi’s house.  Fifi is the Haitian nursing assistant I trained and worked with during my time at COTP.  She is amazing and I’ve always thought she would be a great mom.  She and her husband had been trying to have a baby for a few years, lots of doctors appointments, lots of testing (at least what they have in Haiti), and lots of prayer.  As you can see, she is now VERY pregnant with her first baby!  Praise God!  I am so excited to see the little one on my next visit!


I know the girls CAN handle the little babies on their own, but I thought I’d give them a night off anyway.  Plus, I really miss tiny babies!  This little one is a sweetheart and doing so well in their care.  Praying they find the best solution for his situation once he is bigger and stronger.


A day at the beach was a nice way to end the week before heading back to California.  I’ll have a 2 week overlap of school and work, and then just work for a while until I start my clinical placements.


Last week I wrote all 3 papers due this week, so I actually had time to read for pleasure.  And do other things for pleasure lol.  But seriously, a friend of my mom’s had sent me the book Urban Halo about a missionary couple living in the urban slums of Cambodia and it has impacted me deeply.  It’s a quick read if you get the chance and I highly recommend it.  Wilson and I continue to pray about God’s call on our lives to reach the people of Haiti.

Urban Halo

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