Answered Prayers

15 Oct

Two and half months ago, we started fervently praying for two things.  One of our kiddos had some obstacles to overcome so that he would be granted a visa that would allow him to go home with his Forever Family.  My brother-in-law, Emilio, was unjustly arrested and put in prison with many forces working against his freedom.  In both situations, there were many days when hope would build and we came so close to resolution.  But each time, our hope fell a little as those small leads turned into nothing or encountered new hurdles.  Then on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, without fanfare, without dramatic finales, Emilio was granted his freedom and the U.S. embassy gave our staff in Port au Prince our little guy’s visa.  There are no coincidences in the realm of God’s sovereignty (everywhere!) and I am not suggesting that the little boy’s life at COTP is in any way like Emilio’s time in prison.  But I still think God was making a point.  We will never fully understand His ways but if I could imagine what He might have been trying to say it sounds something like this:

I hear your prayers, every one.  I listen and the injustices in the world break my heart; my compassion wells up for you.  I will answer your prayers, every one.  But I will not do it in the way you expect me to and I will not do it when you think the time is right.  I know exactly what is needed and when.  I know when the sea must part to swallow the armies closing in behind you.  I know when you need only to hear me whisper in the breeze.  Trust me.  Trust me to know what is best.  Trust me to do what is best because of my great love for you.  Trust me.

I am so grateful that Emilio is home and healthy.  I am so grateful that our little guy will be united with his Forever Family this week (though I will miss him terribly).  And I am even more grateful that we serve a God who is trustworthy.

the BrothersL to R: Peter, Emilio, Toto, Wilson

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