My dearest Davideson

11 Oct

My dearest Davideson,

You may or may not remember me, but I was your nurse when you lived at Children of the Promise in Haiti.  You weren’t really sick very much, so that meant I just got to be your friend.  Man, was I lucky!  You are a very special boy and I am so thankful that God brought us together for those two short years.  I remember first learning who you were when I moved to Haiti.  You were so full of energy and could hardly keep still for a minute!  But that’s what made it so special when you did slow down for those around you.  I will never forget the moment I fell in love with you.  I had come around to give the kids their medicine in each of the rooms of the Baby House and I always stopped to say goodnight to you at the end of my routine.  That night when I picked you up, you snuggled in so close, with your head nestled right against my neck and you gently ran your fingers through my hair for a good 10 minutes.  Nobody had ever seen you stay still for so long when you weren’t sleeping!  Even now while I am writing this, I am crying as I think back on all the moments of joy and tenderness we shared.  You were mischievous and a trouble-maker, it’s true, but you were also so caring and loving.  When people tried to steal your food or your toys you got really mad, but as soon as they stopped trying to steal, you gave it all away anyway.  You were always such a good friend.  You were also a really good brother.  When you learned that Grant and Lizzie (You called them Gwen and Izzie) would be your brother and sister, it didn’t take long for you to accept them as your family.  You always looked out for them, gave them their toys and their food or water, and you even helped me wash their hair one time at my house.  You were so gentle because they were just babies then.   You never cared much for the visitors who would come and go for a week at a time, but we always had a very special bond.  It took you so long to start talking, even though we knew how smart you were without saying anything.  I was so incredibly happy when one of your first words was “EE-AH”, which is how you all pronounced “Sheila” the first time you said it.  You quickly learned so many words in Kreyol and English.  The other staff probably got tired of how much you asked for me, wondering where I was and what I was doing, but my heart soared when they told me those stories.  When my cousin came to visit, she tried to keep count of how many times each day you would escape from the Baby House to come find me in the pharmacy or at my house.  I always just let you sit with me until your nanny came to find you.  I could see your wheels turning even as you walked away of how you would get out to come back again.  You often threw fits when I would have to leave you for a little while, but I know it was just because you were capable of such BIG LOVE.  I hope you know how much you were loved when you were just 2 and 3 years old, Davideson.  I know it was hard for you when I married Wilson and moved to a new house that was farther away from the Baby House, but no one could have ever replaced you and no one ever will.  I hope you know how special you are to me and how you will always have a place in my heart.

Now you are going to live with your Forever Family.  I got to know your mommy and papa this week and you are perfect for each other!  I am so excited to see how well you do in your new home with your new family and what a strong man of God you will become.  I don’t know if God will bring us together again, but I do know that I am forever thankful for the time we spent together.

Mwen renmen ou, Davideson!  M’ap toujou sonje ou!

Sheila (DenOuden) Chery

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