Emilio Update – Judgment Day

02 Oct

*Updated 10am EST – Emilio’s judgment has been postponed. Not sure when it will be rescheduled but we will keep praying and keep you updated.

Two months pass quickly when you’re a new parent, when you’re eighteen and have just moved into your first college dorm, when your friend or child is moving away and you just can’t seem to hang on to the days as they slip past.  But two months do not pass quickly when you’re awaiting your judgment in a Haitian prison, catching diseases, toileting in a bucket with 50 other men, bribing guards for your safety, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope that you will be tried justly when your day before the judge finally does arrive.  It’s been two months since our brother, Emilio, was imprisoned because of falsified police reports and an unrelenting grudge.  We prayed then, and we continue to pray now, but God has yet to show us just how He will show His sovereignty in this situation.  All my grand ideas of how God would (should?) show His power have not happened.  The gates of the prison haven’t busted open.  No high-ranking officials have chosen to use their position for Emilio’s release.  The man who had him arrested has not dramatically turned from his ways and dropped the charges.  Today, Wednesday, is finally the day of Emilio’s judgment.  We have been told the price for his freedom could be anywhere from $1,000 USD to $10,000 USD.  We will all go to the courthouse together and we don’t have any idea what will happen.  We don’t know how God will work, but we put everything in His hands.

Lord, we want Emilio to come home.  We want the hearts of those who stand against him to turn to You.  We want You, and You alone, to be praised.  We want your angel armies to be sitting with us in the rows of the courthouse, visible to those who need to see that Your power is above any other.

Pray for Emilio TODAY.  Pray urgently.  Pray persistently.  Pray faithfully.

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Posted by on October 2, 2013 in Life in Haiti, Prayer, Sheila


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