For Little Brothers

06 Sep
Every time I’m in in the states, one of my seemingly never-ending tasks is going through my boxes of old stuff, slowing getting rid of anything nonessential.  Turns out it truly was going to be never-ending because each time I returned to Haiti, my mom put most of what I had filtered out back into the same boxes.  It’s even harder for her than for me to let go of my old life.  But I always come across some little gem that I had all but forgotten and yesterday was no exception.  I wrote this poem for my brother maybe 7 or 8 years ago.  Sheesh, I love that kid.  Well, he’s 25 now, but he’ll always be my little brother.  What do you think?  Should I pursue a career as a poet? 😉
Unfold your legs,
     your arms,
     your mind.
If I ask you to, will you do it for me?
     will you do it for you?
There lies in you a man who’s waiting
Lying, no, but waiting, yes, and fighting
     fighting bullies
     fighting friends
     fighting demons
     fighting self.
The fighting and the waiting and the hurting,
I see him, the man who’s been hoping and waiting and hiding and praying.
     his weakness
     his fear
     his anger.
I see him.
     his strength
     his courage
     his love
     his soul.
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