Marriage Prep

08 Aug

A little change in pace since we’re still waiting on things to start moving for Emilio.  Still waiting to see just how God will demonstrate his power over voodoo and satan’s other dark tactics in this world.  Still praying for a miracle.

It is only 7 days until Wilson and I get married!  My parents come today, my sister tomorrow, and my brother early next week.  Between Wilson’s grandma’s failing health and Emilio’s situation, we have not had much time to actually think about all of the excitement ahead.  Last night was our fourth session of pre-marital counseling with Pastor Dan and his wife Holly.  We are so blessed to have them here at COTP and helping us through this journey.  So to add a little humor to our otherwise difficult week, the topic at hand was intimacy.  Nothing like talking about sex with your pastor 😉  And I will say, though he may protest, this was the most verbal Wilson has been in any of our sessions to date.  The keyword for the night was transparency so here you go, a very transparent rundown of pre-marital sex counseling:

(And as a heads up, the thoughts below on pre-marital counseling are probably best for adults only 😉 )

I have had one and only one PAP smear in my life.  It seems that most women get these on a yearly basis (?!?) but I was so relieved when my nurse practitioner told me that I could wait until I started having sex to get checked again.  Of course the exam room was chilled to freezing temperatures, making relaxation impossible.  And why did no one warn me about the pain?!  Mom?!  Julie?!  I nearly passed out!  And I distinctly remember telling her that I was never going to have sex! Ever!  Well, I made the mistake of sharing this experience with Wilson, who is now afraid that if it does not happen perfectly on our wedding night, I will give up on the idea completely.  I promised him I’ll give it another try 😉

Some other random things for us to keep in mind:

There will be more challenges in Haiti.  Bugs, heat, sweat, critters, everyone living really close to everyone else…you get the picture.

Christians all have different versions of what is okay within the marriage bedroom.  Too awkward for you? I’m not going into specifics here, my dad subscribed to my blog last night!  But a good word of advice; only go as far as your partner still feels right with God.  And only go as far as your partner still feels loved, cherished, and respected.  Done.

Guys, good news, the word is out that you’re not just in it for the big “O”.  Oh, yeah, it IS fun trying to describe words like that to someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language haha.  Ladies, our guys need to feel desired, needed, connected, and attractive.

There is not too much more I can share while still protecting the privacy of everyone else involved so now it’s your turn to be transparent.  What are your tips, tricks, words of advice and encouragement?  Do you have recommendations of books or other resources on this topic that have been really helpful?  We’ve only got seven days people, so email me at sheila.denouden@!

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  1. Anna

    August 8, 2013 at 6:12 am

    Well then….ahem….I guess it’s due time to email you, girl!!! 🙂


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