18 Jun

It’s been a while since we’ve had any admits so today was pretty exciting.  Her name is Roseline and she is absolutely precious.  Roseline has been living with her aunt, who has five children of her own, because her biological mom passed away.  She has pretty severe hydrocephalus and will need surgical intervention soon.  She will stay with us to get as healthy as possible before we take her down to Port Au Prince where hopefully a group of visiting surgeons will place a shunt. Roseline

If it’s okay, I thought I’d just share a funny story from our first day together:

Roseline is pretty terrible about drinking from a bottle right now.  She will hardly suck at all and if we squeeze the milk in her mouth she will hold it there long enough for you to think it’s gone and then let it all leak out.  Carla and I were trying to reason with her (Roseline is only 4 months old!) by explaining that we had chose the formula closest to breast milk in hopes she would like it and had also chosen a special bottle the most closely resembled a real nipple.  After spending the last several hours Not drinking, as soon as she heard the word “te te”, Kreyol for breast milk, she started sucking vigorously and downed the rest of the bottle!  Carla ran to make a new one before she lost her newfound motivation, but by the time it was prepared, Roseline was over it.  We tried to reenact the conversation to trigger that suck reflex, but to no avail.  The magic had faded.

If you want to pray specifically for Roseline, pray that she consistently sucks her bottle, that the antibiotics clear her infection, that the visiting surgeons will take her case and place her much needed shunt, that her aunt would find a way to support all 6 kids without having to leave them home alone during the day, and that her intracranial pressure would decrease so that she does not experience too much discomfort.

Roseline 2 

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One response to “Roseline

  1. Gloria Bradley

    June 18, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    many prayers sent for you and Roseline


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