Becoming Sheila Chery – Part I

31 May
As Wilson and I embark on our journey toward marriage, someone recently told me to remember why I said “Yes!” and to stay flexible.  If you are at all familiar with how things are organized (disorganized?) in Haiti, you will probably agree with me that this bit of advice was a great one!
I wanted to chronicle our journey anyway, so I thought I may as well share it with all of you!  The whole process of “I like you” “I like you, too” “I love you” “I love you, too” “Will you marry me?” “Yes!!!” will be considered the preamble.  So here is Part One of Becoming Sheila Chery:
We jumped on Wilson’s moto (his engagement gift, remember?) and started driving.  This is the first time I’ve worn these sunglasses, which were a gift from the visiting opthalmology team.
Although the sun was out, it was actually a cool, breezy ride.  I always prefer to ride with Wilson on his moto instead of a car, if possible.  Much easier to see our beautiful surroundings and much easier to fill my physical-touch love tank 😉
We went to the wrong clinic at first, but found this one without too much trouble.  There is one approved lab in Cap Haitian for marriage tests and this is it.
One of Wilson’s friends from preschool through secondary school ran into us in the waiting room.  She was so happy to hear about our engagement and was also impressed with my Kreyol!  After we signed in, we went up this dark flight of stairs…
Waiting Room
…and into this room where the nurse was waiting for us.  Wilson guessed that he might have O+ blood, one of the required tests.  I already know that I am A+ and even though they won’t accept lab results from any other lab, they took my word for this.  Turns out they can test for blood type rather quickly and Wilson guessed right!  He was pretty proud of himself 🙂
They took a small vial of blood from each of us.  Mine quick and painless on the first try.  Wilson’s after multiple attempts on each arm, despite his beautiful ropy veins.  I really wanted to offer to help out with his, but didn’t want to seem disrespectful!
On Monday, we should have our test results and will be ready for the next step.  We’ll keep you posted!
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