You Asked, She Answered – Part 3!

21 May

We recently asked if you had any questions you wanted to ask Sheila about life in Haiti at Children of the Promise and you asked some great questions! (If you missed Part 1 check it out HERE and if you missed Part 2 check it out HERE)

What, if anything, do you miss about living in the states?

Nostalgia comes and goes when you’re living far from home.  There are certainly times when I’m completely content with my life here in Haiti but there are also moments when I’m reminded of something or someone back in the states and I feel a tinge of mourning.  Here are some things that I miss in varying degrees at different times:



My family

Not feeling responsible for 50+ lives at all hours of the day and night


Meeting friends for lunch

Sweet potato fries


Hair that doesn’t get frizzy in 5 seconds

Running at the beach

leaving work at work

Mom’s taco salad

Dad’s carne asada

sleepovers with Julie

Brian’s witty banter


driving on smooth roads

having a dishwasher and washing machine

alone time

my comfy couch


For now, I get a taste of most of these things when I visit the states (August is my next trip!) and that is enough.  I also cannot wait for Wilson to visit with me so he can experience these and so much more for the first time.  Every day will be like a kid at Disneyland 😉

And I glimpse of life recently…


Don and his beautiful wife, Christine led the mission trip I took to Egypt back in 2004.  He was recently volunteering his time and skills to another organization very near us, so he was able to meet Wilson
while we caught up on life.

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