You Asked, She Answered! – Part 2

29 Apr

We recently asked if you had any questions you wanted to ask Sheila about life in Haiti at Children of the Promise and you asked some great questions! (If you missed Part 1 check it out HERE)

How does she keep up her own health- exercise within the gates, different foods, being exposed to illness, etc.?

Truth is, I am sick here much more often than I ever was back in the states.  There are probably several contributing factors: poor air quality, increased exposure, too much stress, not enough sleep, and it’s just TOO HOT to exercise!

Despite all that, the roomies and I are doing what we can to stay healthy.  We started running together 3 mornings a week and found that if we go early, we can beat the heat.  We do this outside the gates which is always a treat 🙂  We try to remind each other to take our Flinstones Vitamins (yep, chewables) every day as well!  As far as eating, I have always had the worst sweet tooth and I still do.  Only now the cravings are worse and I think it’s because you can’t just pick up a bag of chocolate at the store whenever you want.  I’ll be real with you, I don’t try to curb these cravings at all.  I think I justify the excessive amounts of Nutella and M&M’s with ridiculous thoughts like I live in Haiti, I deserve this chocolate.  The good news is that we are venturing to the market more often these days for fresh fruits and veggies which are super cheap here!

We keep an eye on our progress with the Wii Fit Plus that my awesome brother sent me for Christmas.  As long as it says “that’s normal” in that little high-pitched voice after my weigh-in, I’ll probably keep eating chocolate 😉


(An infection in November 2012 that required me to come back to the States…it may not look like it, but both of those arms are mine!)

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