Boy Meets Girl

15 Apr

It wasn’t until a few weeks after I moved to Haiti that I found out who Wilson Chery was.  When I moved here, I immediately hit the ground running.  Learning all the kids’ names, learning Kreyol, and figuring out just how I was supposed to be the nurse to so many was more than enough to consume my waking hours.

My neighbor, Emily, kept mentioning this guy named Wilson, who she thought was SO cute.  I finally asked her to point him out to me and I was caught off guard; I didn’t think I would be so attracted to a Haitian man!  In the next few weeks, I kept hearing his name come up in conversation.  Our short-term volunteers were always impressed by him and spoke highly of his integrity, humility, and craftsmanship.   I kept hearing so many good things that I started to pay more attention and see if he was really all he was made out to be.

Since Wilson was one of our drivers, I always hoped he would be ‘assigned’ when I needed to take a child to see a doctor.  We would talk about everything: his life, my life, Haitian culture.  It was a great way to practice my Kreyol, and we started to get to know each other.

When I decided to move to Haiti I began the process of reconciling the fact that I may be giving up the desire to be married.  Let’s be honest, long-term missionaries do not cross paths with many eligible bachelors.  Sure, short-term volunteers come to COTP, but these are usually single women or couples and families.  But as I got to know Wilson, a spark of hope started to grow in my heart.  Of course, there were reservations, more than just deciding to go on a date with someone back in the states.  Was I allowed to date a Haitian employee?  Were our cultural differences too big?  What would happen if we started dating and it didn’t work out…could he still work here…could I?

On April 15, 2012, we decided to take a leap of faith, cautiously circumvent our reservations, and start dating.  The rest is history!

Well, actually the rest will come in the next blog, so stay tuned! 🙂


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