Boys Become Kings, Girls Will Be Queens

29 Mar

10 million children are stuck without a family.

This week I had the opportunity to attend a viewing of the documentary Stuck.  The movie takes a look at the 10 million kids around the world who are living out of parental care and the difficult journey to place them in families.  I was shocked to discover that the average international adoption takes 893 days and costs $28,000.  The purpose of the movie is to raise awareness for these kids, and adoptive families, who are “stuck” and inspire people to step up to make a difference.

I walked out of the movie theater asking, “How can I help?”  The problem seems too big (10 million kids!) for me to impact on my own (I’m only one person!) and then it hit me…I am already blessed to be a part of making a difference!  A few months ago a friend asked me about my sister in Haiti and as I was sharing about her decision to serve as a nurse at Children of the Promise I started to feel guilty.  Guilty that I am living a life of abundant blessing instead of being down in Haiti helping these kids who are stuck.  Guilty that I regularly encounter first-world problems instead of having to figure out where I will get my next meal.   And then my friend responded with a thought that profoundly changed my life.

God calls some of us to go and He calls some of us to send.

I am confident that God placed a calling on my sister’s heart to go and serve these “stuck” children while they wait to be reunited with their biological families or join their new forever families.  And now I am equally confident that God has called me to be apart of sending my sister to follow her call.  For me that means prayer, financial support, and logistical support.

Wondering how to join with me in being a part of the solution for these “stuck” children and supporting Sheila and the work at Children of the Promise?

– Pray!  Check out the Prayer tab at the top of the blog for prayer requests from Children of the Promise and continue to pray that Sheila, and the other COTP staff, would be His hands and feet to the people they encounter

Give Financially.  Sheila has already raised enough support to pay for her room and board to serve at COTP.  She now needs more education to better help these children.  This creates a $10,000 need.  A one-time donation or monthly commitment will help Sheila better meet the needs of the kiddos at Children of the Promise.
(To give financially, click HERE and follow the instructions.  Be sure to designate your donations towards Sheila)

– Follow this blog to stay up-to-date with the kiddos at Children of the Promise

Even though I can’t physically be there in Haiti I know that my support means that these kiddos are getting hugs, given medicine, and moving forward towards being a part of a family.

Thank you for joining with me in making a difference,


Audio Adrenaline sings a song called “Kings and Queens” and I truly believe that when we each respond to the call to love like Jesus boys become kings and girls will be queens.

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