A Day In The Life

28 Feb

Yesterday was a full, productive day and you get to choose how much you want to know about it 😉  Scroll through the pictures for a snapshot version, or read the whole blog if you want to know more.

After our Wednesday crew of special needs kids was sent off to therapy and labs were drawn on twelve of our kiddos, Carla and I headed to Milot to visit Devensly.  I was a little anxious about what we might find when we arrived, and this picture probably doesn’t quite capture it, so let me share why I was so filled with hope.  His breathing has slowed by half to a regular, deep rhythm.  His nose has not only stopped deteriorating but appears to be starting to heal.  He is no longer vomiting, he no longer has blood in his stool, and the nanny says he still loves playing with his little green maraca.  We praise God for progress and though we still don’t know Devensly’s future, we trust in His perfect plan.


We also got the opportunity to meet with a specialist regarding one of our newest little cuties.  Paco was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) and came to COTP at the end of January.  AMC causes his joints to be very stiff and we wanted to find out what treatment options were available for him.  The doctor gave us good news and bad news.  The bad news is that Paco will require a series of major orthopedic surgeries throughout his childhood.  But the good news was way better!  First, he does not need the surgery imminently so we can wait until he finds a family and completes his adoption.  We also learned that children with AMC have average to above average intelligence, that they usually do not have other medical problems, and that all of his surgeries would be free at any Shriner Hospital and there are 22 locations in the U.S.  If you live near one of these and cannot resist this adorable smile, you can find more information by e-mailing


My afternoon was spent playing with several of the kids on the playground by the pavilion.  We’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves 🙂

Playground 1

Playground 2

Playground 3

Playground 4

Every Wednesday is roommate night and this time we got really ambitious with our menu.  Mashed potatoes is a girls’ apartment staple, but this time we added homemade chicken fingers and we even deep fried our own mozzarella sticks.  They were delicious!  But now I am stuffed and ready to sleep.  Praying for an equally productive and hope-filled day tomorrow.

Roommate Night

If you have any questions about what happens during a typical day at COTP, please leave a comment with your question(s)!

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