13 Feb

Every other month, Carla faithfully writes detailed updates on each of our little ones.  It’s that time again and she has gone above and beyond her regular duties by writing this little gem about me.  I think it’s pretty accurate and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did 🙂


Sheila is doing really well here at COTP. She has now been with us for about 16 months and we have learned a lot about her in that time. It is clear that her mutual love for ice cream bars and Haitian children will keep her here for a long time. She has also recently discovered that she can maintain a Haitian boyfriend, so this is a huge draw for her as well. Recently, we have seen Sheila displaying increasing patience with visiting volunteers who wish to know everything about her past, present and future. She will patiently explain that she has been infested with MRSA and very nearly died. She will also discuss the challenges of dating Wilson, and will patiently listen and giggle as Rob retells the same two stories over and over again. Lately, we have been impressed with Sheila’s perseverance as she faithfully completes her body test on the Wii Fit. Initially, she registered as a senior citizen, but has recently had ages as low as 20 years. We are so proud of how far Sheila has come, but we would still like to see some weight gain from her. Despite constant encouragement from the balance board and a diet supplemented with copious amounts of chocolate and ice cream, Sheila is still not putting on those extra pounds. We will continue to work on this with her. School is starting up next month for Sheila and she is so excited to be continuing her education. She has even been reading the textbooks for fun! We love watching Sheila learn and grow and can’t wait to see what facial expressions she’ll think up next!


Sheilabeing a constant part of these kids’ lives is one of my greatest joys

Sheilaone of our beautiful girls who recently went home with her Forever Family

Sheilait was such a joy to see this little one reunited with his biological family

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