29 Dec

Originally posted September 9, 2012

Today I had my first solo outing.  Wilson had to work on the Stolberg house out back, but I had already promised several people we’d be at their church service.  I thought I’d walk, but Wilson insisted I take his moto.  I’ve been practicing with him on the back, but I’ve never gone somewhere alone.  Starting is always the hardest for me but I did it flawlessly.  I shifted in all the right places during that 1 mile trek.  I had only one turn to navigate once out of the COTP gates and I took it like a champ.  I even remembered to hold the clutch when I braked at my destination so that I stopped with purpose, rather than stalling out.  Almost everyone was still outside when I pulled up and since I am the only “blan” attender at this particular church, more than a few pairs of eyes were looking in my direction.  I didn’t particularly mind because I had arrived victorious!  With pride swelling in my chest, I dismounted.  And then the motorcycle fell over.  Fail!

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Posted by on December 29, 2012 in Life in Haiti


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