29 Dec

Originally posted October 17, 2012

Meet Fadelin.  Fadelin is a smiley little boy who loves to suck his thumb and does not love to practice sitting up.  He is really great at shaking brightly colored toys or hitting them against the side of his crib to make some noise.  He was born on Christmas day of 2011 so he is almost 10 months old, and yesterday he finally weighed in at 4 kg (a little less than 9 lbs)!  We are so proud of him!  Because he’s so tiny, people often hold and treat him like a newborn, so we need to make sure to teach him new things and help him develop.  In a few weeks, he is to be reunited with his biological family and that’s why I need your prayers.  We want this to be the best transition possible with the best chance of success and for that we want to see more steady weight gain and for him to be able to sit independently!  We want 5 kg!  He eats and drinks really well so we want whatever is in his body keeping him from putting on those calories to be made known or to be removed from him!  God listens to the prayers of His people, so let’s PRAY!!

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